Metallic Basket Collection
Metallic Basket Collection
Metallic Basket Collection

Metallic Basket Collection

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Metallic Basket Collection

Delve into this luxurious, shiny treasure trove full of open-ended possibilities.

Explore the shapes, peer into the reflective surfaces, stack, roll and make discoveries. Transport the collection or even climb inside the soft basket.

Treasure-like, shiny and engaging objects instinctively draw children in. This collection could be anything from a treasure basket to a pirate's hoard, let the children decide! Encourage children to peer into the reflective surfaces of the metallic pebbles, older children may recognise their reflection whilst younger ones will show awe and curiosity. Extend children's language whilst they are exploring by using rich vocabulary to describe the materials, such as rose gold, metallic, silver, reflective. Children's schematic interests and loose parts play can be enriched through this open-ended collection as they experiment with stacking, balancing, ordering, sequencing, transporting, enclosing and connecting the various objects.


  • Product Content:
    • 1 x Basket
    • 2 x Super Shiny Spheres
    • 1 x Blue Sphere
    • 3 x Silver Mirror Donuts
    • 3 x Gold Pebbles
    • 3 x Rose Gold Cuboid
    • 3 x Boulders
  • Height: 14 cm
  • Diameter: 50 cm
  • Brand: TTS
  • Age Range: Suitable for age 0 months and up
Due to current world events, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.