Texture Collection Basket

Texture Collection Basket

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Texture Basket Collection

A rich, sensory and open-ended textures collection to spark children's curiosity, awe and wonder.

There is a rich assortment of colours, materials and patterns. Encourage children to explore the velvety materials, the crinkly fabrics and the soft snuggly faux fur. Peer through the voile scarves, sit under the multi-faceted blanket and even sit inside the basket.

The basket is full of stimulating and thought-provoking materials, perfect for using during both non-directed free play and adult-led activities. Enrich children's language by modelling the use of rich vocabulary whilst describing the items inside, such as crinkly wings, leather squares, furry body and golden caterpillar. Enhance children's vocabulary and imaginative play further by using the items as props for nursery rhymes, such as sitting inside the basket for singing 'Row your boat'.

Exploring this Texture Collection Basket provides children with the experience of developing a rich and diverse language base. It enables children to discover visual and tactile effects.


  • Product Content:
    • 1 x Basket
    • 1 x Ball
    • 1 x Small Basket
    • 1 x Bee
    • 1 x Caterpillar
    • 1 x Butterfly
    • 4 x Voile Scarves
    • 1 x Fruit Friend
    • 1 x Small Texture Mat
  • Height:14 cm
  • Diameter:50 cm
  • Brand:TTS
  • Age Range:Suitable for age 0 months and up