Fall Tuff Tray Ideas

If you have ever seen a Tuff tray filled with a wonderful provocation, you know how amazing it is! They encourage group play - there's room for up to 6 children to play comfortably together and the octagonal shaped tray has raised sides that are perfect for containing sensory materials, messy play and small world scenes in one place. They are one of the most versatile resources you will use for lessons. 

Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate your tuff tray into fall lessons:

Spectacularly Spooky Witch's Brew Station

child sitting in tuff tray making pretend witch's potion  

Here is a fun idea to encourage children to follow a recipe. Write out a simple recipe on the tuff tray using chalk or a chalk marker, and see if they can follow. Using measurements or including quantities is a great way to incorporate maths into their play as well. 

Potions are so versatile. Consider adding into your tuff trays a variety of bottlespans, cauldrons, jugs, whisks, spoons, flowers, food colouring, food essence, leaves, mud…you name it!

Nature Walk and Discovery Tray

Take your class on a nature walk during autumn and gather all the beautiful nature treasures you can find. 

Then bring them back to your tuff tray and create an autumnal discovery tray. Encourage children to interact with all of the treasures they found. Group and pattern using pinecones, different coloured leaves, rocks and conkers.  

F is for Farmer

F is for Farmer, fall and fun! Create a small world farm set-up in your tuff tray. Be sure to include different textures for a fun sensory experience and different animals. 

This small world set-up will encourage speech and language skills as well as help children better understand the world around them. Harvest time is the perfect time to talk to children about the importance of farmers. 

Spell it, Print it, Say it

Use your tough tuff as a vessel to house this fun activity. 

We were investigating apples, did apple stamping, and then decided to take it a bit further. 

Here, on the tuff tray, you can see we have spelt "apple" using letter pebbles, set up an opportunity for children to trace the word, and then a step where we say the word aloud. 

Comment below and let us know how you use your tuff tray this time of year! 

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