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  • Managing Emotions

    Emotional wellbeing is where it all begins. As we know from research, it is important for children to feel safe and emotionally secure in order for...
  • How to successfully integrate literacy into the early years

    Literacy in the Early Years

    Literacy is essential in the early years; building the foundation for letter recognition, sound, and blending are possible outcomes for young children. As Educators, our role is to create meaningful opportunities for children to explore literacy.

  • Guide: How to Teach Numeracy in Early Years

    Guide:  How to Teach Numeracy in Early Years

    How to support Numeracy in early years with loose parts, and discovery through play.

  • Identifying and Understanding Emotions

    Identifying and Understanding Emotions

    Both children and adults sometimes need support in identifying and understanding emotions. This blog discusses the value of sharing, discussing and dramatising emotions to support others in understanding them. Source TTS International