Managing Emotions

Emotional wellbeing is where it all begins.

As we know from research, it is important for children to feel safe and emotionally secure in order for them to learn effectively.

On Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020, Julie Belair-Bak, MPEd., hosted a webinar, in association with the Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF), exploring emotions and discussing how we can support our early years students and their emotions. 

These are unprecedented times, and it is important that we, as educators, feel well equipped to help a child identify their emotions. Here are the webinar slides, in case you missed it or wanted a refresher!

View slides now


  • Thank you for this wonderful workshop. Hope to see you on your next workshop. Thank you for the wonderful works you share with our fellow educators….

    Rosalie Maglanque
  • I attended this webinar and leaned a lot
    Thank you!!

    Nassra M
  • Thank you again for such an inspiring workshop.

    Brenda Milne
  • Wonder if there is a sertificate at the end of the webenair. As I attended and did not get one , thank you. I really enjoyed the ideas and talk.

    Blanca lopez
  • I attended this webinar, ant it was awesome😘 how can I download my certificate? Thanks.

    Aleli Rey

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