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Explorer board

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Wooden Explorer Peg Puzzle Board

This unique open-ended peg puzzle comes complete with five ready made inserts.

Toddlers will love exploring what lies beneath the chunky, vibrant shapes. The board is also beautifully crafted in bold primary colours.

The design enables even the youngest children to access the pictures. We know young children love repeating simple exercises. This reveal puzzle will foster to this behaviour. You can make your own bespoke inserts easily by using the template available on the TTS website. Try using images of familiar faces such as Mum, Dad, Key Worker or follow the child’s special interest. With special thanks to Steve and Christine Doubtfire of Smarties Day Nursery, Nottinghamshire, for the wonderful inspiration on this product.


  • Product Content:
    • 1 x Explorer Board
    • 1 x Familiar Fruit Insert
    • 1 x Vegetable Insert
    • 1 x Farm Animal Insert
    • 1 x Pets Insert
    • 1 x Minibeast Insert
  • Material:Wood
  • Length:35 cm
  • Width:26 cm
  • Depth:3 cm
  • Brand:TTS
  • Age Range:Suitable from birth
Due to current world events, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.