Lightbox Clever Cups 20pc

Lightbox Clever Cups 20pc

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Get busy stacking, nesting and sorting with this vibrant, transparent collection of containers.

The cups can be built into towers, encouraging hand-eye coordination skills as well as creativity. How many can you stack and in what colour sequence? Use to sort for attributes. Add some counters to the lightbox and use the cups to make various collections by sorting them in terms of shape, size, colour, pattern etc. The vibrant colours become illuminated when placed on a lightbox but are also a versatile resource on table tops. An appealing, simple collection with lots of uses.


  • Pack size:20
  • Material:Plastic
  • Height:7 cm
  • Width:5 cm
  • Brand:TTS
  • Age Range:Suitable for age 10 months and up
Due to current world events, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.