Mini Triangular  Room

Mini Triangular Room

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Mini Triangular  Rainbow  Room

A cosy outdoor den with magical rainbow coloured windows.

A quiet, calming sensory retreat with the added effect of coloured light beams that shines through the windows. Ideal in any outdoor space, especially where if space is limited. Features a wooden base so can be used all year round without worrying about ground conditions.

Position on flat ground. Does not require installation. Made from Pressured Treated Wood (which is guaranteed for 10 years) and coloured safety Perspex. Please note equipment would be required to lift it over a gate or a fence due to its size and weight.


  • Material: Wood
  • Height: 121 cm
  • Length: 100 cm
  • Width: 120 cm
  • Assembly type: Pre-Assembled
  • Brand: TTS
  • Suitable for outdoor storage: Yes