Sensory Fibre Optic Sparkle Rug  Select size below

Sensory Fibre Optic Sparkle Rug Select size below

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This rug provides a sparkling and entrancing addition to a sensory room or dark den. The lights are activated when stood on, or push it with your hands, creating a night sky on the floor.

With no heat or electricity running through the fibres it will provide a safe and mesmerizing play area which encourages children to crawl, roll and jump.

The fiber optic lights will help calm and alleviate anxiety, as well as providing a visual stimulus. The polymer fibres are invisible to the naked eye until the light source is activated to reveal the sparkling points of light. The light will remain on for 60 seconds. No batteries are required as the rug is completely rechargeable, via a USB charging port which is supplied. Available in 3 different sizes.

Phases through different coloured lights red, green, blue, purple, white, yellow, light blue and rose red, that will provide a magical experience. The rug can be vacuumed. Wipe clean only. Charging time is approx 4 hours.

  • Brand: TTS

Due to current world events, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.