Shades of Wooden Tonal Collections  TTS
Shades of Wooden Tonal Collections  TTS

Shades of Wooden Tonal Collections TTS

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These beautiful loose part sets allow children to engage in unstructured free play that enables them to combine, align, carry, transport, stack and classify in multiple ways.

These tonal wooden pieces act as rich play objects for children to redesign and reformulate where they can combine with natural objects from nature. Loose parts can be manipulated in multiple possibilities and transformed into symbolic materials as children create stories, construct small worlds, transient art, construction, develop early mathematical and literacy understanding. Accessories not included.

Children can create endless small world possibilities and enhance their symbolic play using the tonal wooden pieces and their past experiences. It allows them to create narratives and stories building on their early literacy skills. Imagine a mini tundra using the tonal blue pieces or using a pebble as a lime green alien! Support children’s mathematical skills by using these tonal wooden pieces to sort, classify, match and represent amounts. Allow them to explore and classify the different shades or sort out pebbles of the same size. Children are able to look at size differences by identifying the physical differences between the boulders, pebbles and arches. Encourage mathematical descriptive language by introducing interesting words such as humungous or miniscule. Using these loose part pieces children can construct in a variety of different ways. The arches allow for interesting architectural sculptures by building them in a multitude of ways. Incorporate the different sized pebbles and boulders to construct towering structures in beautiful tonal colours. Children will enjoy using these sets to create tonal transient art pieces with vivid colours and huge opportunities for language development. Ensure practitioners are using tonal language to describe the colours such as emerald and lime to describe green.


  • Product Content:
    • 23 pieces. 4 tonal shades in each set. 3 wooden characters, 3 egg cups, 2 spheres, 2 pots, 3 different sized boulders, 4 different sized pebbles, 2 cones and 4 different sized arches
  • Pack size:23
  • Brand:TTS
  • Age Range:Suitable for age 3 years and up
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