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  • Blush / Embarassment

    Blush, embarrassment is a natural emotion that we often do not discuss or acknowledge. Shame is often perceived as a negative feeling that makes us...
  • Social-Emotional Development How can we support children with the very big emotion Anger?

    There are no bad emotions, all emotions combine to create who we are. The emotion anger gets a bad wrap and can be challenging to deal with. Join us as we have a conversation about anger in young children and ourselves.
  • Managing Emotions

    Emotional wellbeing is where it all begins. As we know from research, it is important for children to feel safe and emotionally secure in order for...
  • Identifying and Understanding Emotions

    Identifying and Understanding Emotions

    Both children and adults sometimes need support in identifying and understanding emotions. This blog discusses the value of sharing, discussing and dramatising emotions to support others in understanding them. Source TTS International